Organic Coconut Milk Powder

Our organic coconut milk powder is 100% dairy-free and easy to use. Simply mix the powder with the warm water and stir well. We produce this by dehydrating our organic coconut milk at a low temperature keeping the properties and the flavors of the coconut milk closest to its fresh form.



Pack size Unit per carton Cartons per pallets Units per 20ft container
150g Bag in box (BIB) 24 80 19,680
300g Bag in box (BIB) 24 48 19,200
25kg Craft Paper bag N/A 40 400
  • Bulk and other retail packing options available on customers’ request.
  • Units per 20 foot container based on ten pallets per container.
Ingredient Organic Coconut Milk (80% milk solids) and Organic Maltodextrin (INS 1400)
Origin Sri Lanka
Suitable for Use as a creamer in coffee or tea, as a substitute for dairy in baked goods, blend into smoothies or add it to curries, sauces or soups.
Shelf life 15 Months Un-opened
Storage In a cool dry place
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