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NMK Agro Industries Private Limited began over 35 years ago, as a small oil mill using traditional Sri Lankan methods to produce coconut oil for its surrounding villages. As NMK grew, so did the community around it with over 2,000 people being employed in the company, from workers in the factories to the farmers working on our plantations. The once small oil mill has now evolved into a state-of-the-art facility, catering to leading brands around the world. The core philosophy and values that lay at the heart of the company have remained the same. The company stays true to its roots, values and Sri Lanka’s deep cultural heritage of over 2,000 years through the incorporation of traditional Ayurvedic practices. We operate under the core family values of Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Relationship, Discipline and Passion towards people and the planet, with the aim of fostering a greener planet with healthy people.

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Fighting the Myth

Early in NMK’s history, there was a pervasive myth being spread that coconut and coconut products were bad for you. People believed that coconut was bad for your heart and created an unhealthy rise in cholesterol. But Mr. Manjula Narayana knew that for generations, people in Sri Lanka have been using different forms of coconut in their food and had suffered no ill effects. In fact, they were much healthier than people are now.

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“Kapthura,” in the native tongue of Sri Lanka means “Divine tree” or “tree of the heavens”. The coconut tree is revered as sacred gift from mother-nature and we, at NMK Agro Industries, bring to you all the goodness of coconut, through our brand Kapthura. This organic brand, believes in bringing you the essence of coconuts directly from the tree to your table, while preserving all its nutrients in every level of the process.


Our mission is to deliver high quality, organically prepared Super-food products, straight from tree to table, guided by the teachings of traditional Sri Lankan Ayurvedic principles of health and well-being, while maintaining our accountability to the environment and to society in general.


Our vision is to nurture a happy and healthy planet through responsible agriculture, making Super-food accessible to all.