Our factories are made to adhere to internationally accredited standards, catering not only to growing demand, but also to our customers’ need for a product of the highest possible quality. Therefore, we have worked towards and received several certifications over the past years, including BRC, GMP, ISO 22000 and Kosher certifications.

Our Value Proposition

Consistent Supply

Stable and consistent supply of coconuts from Sri Lanka’s largest organic and natural coconut land bank to ensure that the growing demand for coconuts is met.

World’s Largest Brands

We work with and are trusted by some of the world’s largest brands in the market.

Exclusive Production

Exclusive production of some products which have the potential to revolutionize the market such as, our coconut spread and infused virgin coconut oils.

High Product Quality

Guaranteed high product quality, with our highly trained quality assurance team, inhouse lab and world-renowned quality procedures and certifications (GMP, ISO 22000, BRC).

Production is Closely Monitored

Our organization is vertically integrated which ensures that every step of production is closely monitored, and it further assures that we use nothing but the best from our very own plantations to the manufacturing process.

Private Labeling

We own successful brands and also do private labeling for some of the leading brands in the world.

Flavor to Packaging

Each product can be customized from flavor to packaging to meet the requirement of our customers.

Brand is Competitive

We will be able to render support in price adjustments to ensure that the brand is competitive in the market.

Marketing Strategies

We can work closely with potential partners in executing marketing strategies to ensure that the brand’s quality and story is conveyed to the target market.

Super Foods

Sri Lanka is home to several super-foods that we hope to launch in future, which means that the brand could diversify into other superfoods.

Strong Contingency and Risk Management Strategies

Strong contingency and risk management strategies have been put in place to ensure that supply of our products are not disturbed. We have five factories in various locations, and plantations scattered across the country.

Support Potential Partners

We have a dedicated team here in Sri Lanka to support potential partners in all aspects of the business.


Our state-of-the-art laboratory ensures that all raw material that enter the factory and all finished goods that leave the factory meet stringent quality standards. We take no shortcuts in ensuring that our customers get nothing but the best. Our laboratory is also home to our research and development team. We constantly seek new ways to improve existing products whilst innovating and creating novel coconut-based products. Using the best of latest technology, with the combination of traditional methods of non-destructive food processing and modern research, our team is able to generate new products from the extremely versatile coconut.

Our Team

We have a highly trained and versatile team looking into everything, from the growing of the coconut to research, manufacturing, and sales. Ethics and family values play a vital role, and each and every one of our employees, represent the spirit of our company – We are committed and focused on the goal of achieving a healthier society.